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Suresh Sivasankaran / January 01, 2017

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What is

Scooby - Craigslist for referrals. | Product Hunt is a Craiglist for referrals.

Scooby works as a peer to peer referral platform. 20-22% of the world's economy runs through referrals, be it in home-buying, automobiles and all sorta products humans use, both online and offline but is highly disorganised and fragmented right now.

Say for instance, #1 You buy a car and your vendor says refer a buddy to buy a car and get some $300, which we often miss out as not certain about the people in our circle. Scooby comes at this place, where you post the referral offer and share the benefits with those who use it and end up making new friends. Gone is the time where people used to check with friends for referrals. Scooby let's you make new friends through referrals.

Tech Behind scooby- It's a Progressive web application built with MERN stack. I completed developing this application single handedly in less than a week.

Scooby was Product Hunt’s #1 product of the day on Dec 31st 2016. We were extremely overwhelmed with the support we got from the community for this idea. We got more than 10k+ unique visitors landing into Scooby and got many good feedbacks from the community.

Scooby - Craigslist for referrals. | Product Hunt

It was a perfect New Year gift for us in 2017.🎉