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SureshHi there 👋🏻, I’m Suresh Sivasankaran. I am a startup guy, full-stack developer, and creator with 7+ years of experience in building products of different spectrums from B2C to scalable SaaS applications.

Currently, building  Epilot a platform which enable companies with complex products, services and processes to simplify their B2C and B2B business.

I spend my time mostly in building some of my interesting ideas into products that solve the real pain point in the society we live in. I will always be open to learning new things in my life be it new technology, business, life skills, etc.

I grew up primarily in Coimbatore, India and I am graduated from Anna University, Chennai in 2016 with a B.Tech degree in Information Technology. I spend my free time going on adventures, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family.


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For more info about my work, here's the list of  projects.

Work Experience


Epilot GmbH

Köln, Germany - (Feb 2021 to Present)

Engineering Team Lead

Epilot enable companies with complex products, services and processes to simplify their B2C and B2B business.


OpenStories, Inc

Bangalore, India - (Mar 2019 to Jan 2021)

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

It is an online SAAS platform which enable content creators to create ‘videos & web stories’ as simple as ‘writing’ with the help of AI and Flexible Online editor. I worked on the architecture and building the entire application from scratch both in terms of front-end web application and backend APIs for supporting the platform. Worked on creating Serverless (Functions and Containers) and Microservices. Please check out Works Section for more details about it.


California Communications, Inc (Formerly Calicom)

Bangalore, India - (Mar 2017 to Feb 2019)

Co-founder and Chief Developer

I was the Chief Developer & Co-Founder in California Communications, Inc. My responsibility ranged widely from gathering requirements, deciding on the architecture to choosing the tech stack, planning tasks for the team, configuring CI/CD, deployment, etc. I worked on multiple products with different architecture and tech stack. I managed multiple teams consisting of both internal employees and external consultants. The details are listed in the "Works" section.


Propo, Inc

Chennai, India - (Apr 2016 to Apr 2017)

Co-founder and Product Head

Co-founding Propo was the starting point for my entrepreneurial journey. Propo was initially started to be an online marketplace for people to buy branded budget homes in India. Later we pivoted to the gig economy and built everyly which is a community of shoppers and travellers, where the shopper gets to order anything he/she loves from anywhere in the world and travellers travelling to their city/country shops and delivers in on their way. I was responsible for building the progressive web application to deliver the best web experience for our users.



Bangalore, India - (Jan 2016 to Apr 2016)

Software Engineering Intern

As a Software Engineering Intern, I was working on the ILM Data Archive product, a service which is used to archive data from databases like SQL server, Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2 etc..

Suresh Sivasankaran:

  • 👨🏻‍💻 Software Engineer
  • 🚀 Startup Guy
  • 🧑‍💻 Indie Developer
  • plays Football
  • 🗺️ Traveller
  • 🎨 Sketches Illustrations
  • 🕹️ has been to 10+ hackathons

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